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VOICE from SGI Member

VOICE from SGI Member

Mr. Peter St.Clair


Jun. 2016


Thank you so much for your compliments!
I also think it's beautiful, and that it makes a wonderful offering to the Gohonzon.
It helps make Gongyo a joyful experience! So, thank you for every effort
that you (and everyone else) made in making my dream come true!"



Thank you very much for your detailed instruction.....

I just want to let you know my Mother received the Butsudan today, she was so happy and my brother & father was able to connect the cord per instruction.. Well my father used to work in Japan when he was younger, so his familiar with the connection...
I already told them to take pictures,,, Hopefully ill send you some pictures some other time...

Thank you very much!


Mrs. Lena Angman


Aug. 2014


The butsudan arrived quite fast, and they brought it already. My son was here to help me unpack and assemble the butsudan. It worked fine.Attached you can find the picture. And the shadows you can see, do not exist in reality. the butsudan is real shiny and unharmed. It is a different feeling to chant to the Gohonzon in the new "House". I really like it.

Mrs. Keef Aragon


Sep. 2014


Uehara San,
I received the butsudan yesterday and was able to unpack it today. I've never ever seen anything packed so wonderfully before! Thank you so much for so much effort you put in. It came in great condition and looks beautiful. It has really inspired me to do so much Daimoku just so I can enjoy it! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate all of your help and assistance! Thank you!

Ms. Melisa Lau


Jan. 2015

Waka Musha

I have received my butsudan! I'm so happy with it!
Thank you very very much for preparing and organising the shipping.
Hope to see you again! So glad to have met you in Japan! Let's keep in touch!
Warmest regards,
~ Melisa