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200th Anniversary Series of TAKUMI(artisan)

200th Anniversary Series of TAKUMI(artisan)

Authentic traditional Butsudan of AKAZAWACHOYO are all handmade.We choice high-grade gold leaf and make beautiful carved.You can get only one Butsudan of Lacquer and Gold leaf in the world.We start to make Butsudan and decide the size of it after hearing from customer’s demand.Please feel free to contact us regarding to floor plan of the room and the location to be installed Butsudan.

Our factory

Shioziri city, Nagano Prefecture.This place is cool in summer and very cold in winter.Because like this climate suitable for Lacquer, Shioziri city has flourished in making lacquer from the Edo period.History of Shioziri is 400 years old. This place have abundant forest and land is suitable for the lacquer industry.Our factory is on the way of history in Japan NAKASENDO.Cityscape has been registered as an important cultural asset.

TAKUMI Craftsman

Wood craftsman, Paint (lacquer) craftsman. Gold leaf craftsman, Metal fittings craftsman are one team of AKAZAWACHOYO.We have 200th history and attitude to be innovative and creative always.We have a commitment to invisible part and continue to strive for customer satisfaction

Traditional Butsudan KASUGA

Traditional Butsudan ROKKAKU

Traditional Butsudan HO-OH