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Kyoto Juzu

Kyoto Juzu

Traditional Kyoto Juzu

Our Kyoto Juzu made in Kyoto.
Craftsman make one by one politely.
Ordinary Juzu made by wood.
Popular wood is ebony, lose wood,
Sendan and sandalwood.
These wood are very rare.

So price is going to increase year after year.

But luxury stone is not change price.
We recommend you Jade and Agate.

These stone are very beautiful and brighten your chanting.

Kyoto tag

Kyoto tag

We can use Kyoto Tag as proof
which made in Kyoto.

What's KYOTO

Kyoto City is popular traditional City in Japan.
Kyoto served as Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868.
It is now the country's seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million people
and a modern face.

Over the centuries, Kyoto was destroyed by many wars and fires, but due to its historic value, the city was dropped from the list of target cities for the atomic bomb and spared from air raids during World War II. Countless temples, shrines and other historically priceless structures survive in the city today.

How about having an original Rosary, just for you?

Accented to luxury Tokyo Rosary ( price 4,000 ~) This is semi-order type, that you can choose your favorite color from following 5 colors when you purchase. You can make your own original rosary.

Coral, Pink


Brown, Gold

Matcha , green

White, asagi

Rosary price + ¥1080 ( Tax ) ※ per sequence
Deliver time : 1 month ~ 1 month and a half


Please order over ¥4000
on the website of Kyoto Nenju Online Shop.


When you place an order,
please choose the type of tassel from selector.


Put the item in the shopping cart,
and order as it is.
※Cancellation is not acceptable since it is special order.

Order accepted

It will take approximately one month ~1 month and a half.
We will contact you once order is ready.