Hello, guest!


Can you send to our country?

It is possible we can send to over 190 countries. * Except for some areas.

Is it including the tax into shipping cost?

No. please pay the tax to custom or national office yourself.

Can I return purchased goods?

Yes. You can return the goods if it is defective.

About accessory.

We put all accessories on Butsudan(except compact type) Accessory:
     Bell, Cushion, Stick, Candle stand, Flower Stand, Water Cup, Rice Cup, Incense Burner,Artificial SHIKIMI, LED Candle

Can I use credit card?

Yes. You can use credit card or PayPal system, Bank remittance. Please refer this page.

Can I use electric door Butsudan in our country’s volte?

Yes. We put transformer or plug on Butsudan.