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EIKA Brown

Item # : AKZ-BT029

EIKA Brown

  • EIKA Brown


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Fuji Sakura Beauty white butsudan Japanese style

What is Eika (brown)?

"Eika (brown)", a shrine type Buddhist altar is very special as a Buddhist altar. It is made as a shrine type with smooth design.

You could feel "gentleness" and "warmth" among the smooth design.

Although it is a compact structure, it still comes with sliding shelf, which makes it convenient for you to put offerings on it.
You may choose either ironwood or ebony as the material.


We recommend you the gorgeous Buddhist altar fitting which is made by our craftsman.

Fuji Sakura picture

You may refer to the picture to see how to place fittings on it.

About the Storage Space

Fuji Sakura picture

Two drawers.
We have three drawers used as storage space.

You are able to store something often used such as rosary, sutra book or clean set.
The right side will be a space for Bell stand.
You just have to pull it out to the right when you are going to use it.

It is quite convenient that you just have to push it back when finish using it.

Product Details

Style OAK

Core wood fiberboard

Size Height 168.5 cm Width 68.5 cm Depth 54.5 cm

Shrine Size Height 56.5m Width 36cm

Gohonzon Tokubets

Function/Contentbreak-action (automatic switch) / push door