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Fuji Sakura Beauty white butsudan Japanese style

What is Yuju?

Buddhist altar "Yuju" is one of the best seller at our store which is a high-class furniture shows its warmth with smooth design.
By using oak woods which show sturdiness, Yuju exactly fits well with western room including its flooring.
We do care about material and simplicity, and this is why Yuju shows easy usability.

Not only materials but we also pay high attention on functions.
We care about the visibility of shrine, so we make outer door with three-door design.

Fuji Sakura picture

Also cares about function Buddhist altar

Fuji Sakura picture

What's more, we got "colorful shrine" (fluorescent lights at the both sides inside the shrine). You may see amazing light in there.
We also have many storage spaces in it for family.
You may refer to the picture to see how to place fittings on it.

Our Buddhist altar fitting is hand engraved with gold by our craftsman, which shows really high-class image.

Each equipment for Butsudan set is sold separately.
The price on this page does not include any equipment (Butsugu) or accessory, the price is for Butsudan itself.

About storage space

Fuji Sakura picture

Two drawers.
On the left side of our storage space we have two drawers and one long drawer.
We also have one storage space under the shrine.
You are able to store something often used such as rosary, sutra book or clean set.

The right side will be a space for Bell stand.
You just have to pull it out to the right when you are going to use it.

It is quite convenient that you just have to push it back when finish using it.

Product Details


Core woodfiberboard

SizeHEIGHT:165cm WIDTH:63cm DEPTH:52cm

GohonzonOkatagi, Tokubets

Function/ContentElectric Door/Light

NoteButsugu (equipment) is sold separately.

A transformer is required for use.
Please prepare the transformer by yourself.